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When you choose AIK Pipes , you are choosing a partner committed to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Manufacturing Facility

AIK Pipes' manufacturing facility is a testament to commitment for producing high-quality pipes. With a paramount focus on quality & innovation, AIK Pipes employs cutting-edge techniques to meet industry standards and customer expectations. The facility's strategic layout optimizes workflow, facilitating seamless production from raw materials to the final product. AIK Pipes' commitment to excellence is evident in the scale and sophistication of their manufacturing facility.


Pioneering Innovations

Manufacturing facility is equipped with state-of-art German technology extrusion machines for production of pipes and boasts a robust capacity with showcasing PLC controlled precision engineering and cutting-edge automation. Designed to meet the high demands of modern infrastructure projects, it ensures efficient and consistent production of pipes with uniform quality and dimensional accuracy. German engineering underscores the reliability and innovation embedded in the production system, contributing to the global standards of pipe manufacturing

  • State-of-art German technology extrusion machines
  • PLC controlled precision engineering and cutting-edge automation
  • 20 mm to 250 mm Production pipe size.

Quality Control

Logistics Facility

  • Strong fleet of trucks for product supply
  • Pan India delivery network.
  • Special facilities mega project needs.
Quality Control

Quality Control

  • All products observed through production journey from raw material to products 24/7 running tests
  • Products have been certified globally
  • All raw materials are required for incoming inspection
  • The entire testing process is documented meticulously, allowing for traceability and accountability at all levels of manufacturing
  • All products have to pass-through with quality control checks such as first piece, online and final before release.
Quality Control

Enhanced Production Capacity

Our infrastructure isn't just about quality; it's also about efficiency. We operate at higher speeds, increasing our production capacity to meet your demands. Whether you require a small quantity or a large volume, we have the capability to deliver, thanks to our well-structured setup and optimized processes.

Quality Control
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